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Every new winter season Georgia continues to be more attractive holiday destination in terms of competitive prices, climate, weather and snow season duration. 


Located in 120 km/ 74.6 mi. to the north of Tbilisi, on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Range, Gudauri resort attracts visitors all the year round. Its location makes it avalanche-safe area for winter outdoor activities, while summer possibilities of Gudauri and the surroundings range from hiking, camping, bird watching to jeep touring and horse-riding. 
Winter activities
In winter, the resort is famous for its outdoor activities, sports festivals and fun: skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, heli-skiing are popular here. The skiing season lasts from early winter to late spring season and the average thickness of snow cover in winter reaches 1.5 m/ 5 ft Gudauri contains several routes and lifts, the slopes are good for both grooming run (total length of groomed ski runs are over 35 km/ 21.7 mi.) and off-piste deep snow skiing, suitable for beginners as well as for experts. Those experienced can try all four types of ski runs: slalom, slalom-giant, super and speed skiing. Ski chair lifts: constructed by Austrian company Doppelmayer, 5 (3 and 4 seats) ski chair lifts, at an altitude of 1,990 m/ 6,528.8 ft of the first ski-lifts’ low station to the fifth station at an altitude of 3,306 m/ 10,846.4 ft, called Sadzele. Ski trails info: the easiest 25%, more difficult 40 %, most difficult: 20 %, for experts only: 15%. Ski rental is available. The ski area is patrolled by experienced ski-rescue teams. 


Located in 175 km/ 108.7 mi. to the south-west of Tbilisi, on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, at the altitude of 1,700 m/ 5,577.4 ft, Bakuriani, mountainous climatic health resort is attractive both in winter and in summer. What makes it special is that it is family oriented.
Winter activities
Bakuriani offers a lot of outdoor activities: tobogganing, skating, horse sledging, quads and snowmobiles riding, horse-riding, ski-mountaineering. Sightseeing days trips is a nice change from the sports. The resort’s closeness to Borjomi, mineral water reserve, makes it more attractive. Popular skiing area is Didveli where the ski stacks’ length equals 3,800 m/ 12,467.2 ft. The top of the skiing area is very steep and difficult, while the lower ski-track is divided into tracks from easy to average difficulty. The upper station has gondola ski-lifts. Other skiing area is mountain Kokhta 1 and Tatra or Kokhta 2 (2,255 m/ 7,398.3 ft) with the hilly ski-track length 1,800 m/ 1.1 mi. of average difficulty. The shorter tow-way is also located on the mountain and serves an easy track. Ski rental is available. Sports instructors are ready to help the amateurs.

Accommodation Plenty of accommodation options in Gudauri and Bakuriani include hotels, lodges and family run hotels located near the resort center and skiing area and in maximum 0.20 min walk from it. The prices differ according to the lodging facilities and offered packages for the season.
Where to eat The hotels in Gudauri and in Bakuriani offer catering options from HB (half board) to FB (full board), eco products, always fresh and varied, all the year round. There are a number of indoor and outdoor cafes and cozy restaurants on the slopes if you are for a quick snack, lunch or dinner, offering a diverse Georgian and European cuisine at reasonable prices: from budget menus to the very special ones. 


Located in 8 km from Mestia, the heart of mountainous Svaneti region, a new ski resort Hatsvali, is the place, where a perfect mixture of skiing adventure, cultural heritage harmonize with amazing nature. Coming to Svaneti is worth for winter activities as well as for Svaneti’s UNESCO World Heritage site, unique museums, tower architecture, local cuisine and impressive nature. It is possible to drive from Tbilisi to Metsia (500 km/ 310.7 mi.), its regional capital, or to fly into Mestia (max. 0.70 min). 
Winter activities
Horse-riding, mountaineering, snowboarding, extreme winter hiking, off-piste skiing this is only some of possible winter activities in Svaneti. Open in 2010, a new ski resort Hatsvali, has average, sport style difficulty of trail, with the highest point of trails-2,450 m/ 8,038.1 ft and the lowest point of trail-1,800 m/ 5,905.5 ft. Off-piste skiing is recommended for professionals in Mestia surroundings as well. Nice café welcomes the visitors.
At the visitors’ disposal are hotels and family run guesthouses in Mestia and its surroundings. The prices vary according to the packages and facilities offered.